Speaker Date Topic
Special Club and Annual Foundation Meeting Feb 10, 2023
Kathy Roberg
Special Club and Annual Foundation Meeting are being held to review and approve Constituion and bylaws for club and bylaws and Articles of Incorporation for Foundation 
Mary Beth Growney Selene

GOLF OUTING FUND RAISING EVENT FOR 2023.    WE NEED EVERYBODY TO ASSIST.    Mary Beth will enlighten us on our largest fund raiser of the year, The Madison West Middleton Rotary Golf Outing at Pleasant View Country Club in Middleton. To make it work, Mary Beth will tell us how you can do your part.


Race to the South Pole Feb 24, 2023
Dennis Schenborn

 On February10, 1911, two men with two different routs raced to the South Pole. One got there first and returned safely, the other died but became a legend. Don't miss this breath taking adventure of  Roland Amundsen and Captain Scott as written by historian and author Dennis Schenborn who is a graduate of  DePaul University with his masters at UW Madison. He has traveled all seven continents and is a contributing outher of four books. He and his wife live in Middleton, Wisconsin.  Program by Jack Ferreri

Air Adventure in the Lagoon Mar 03, 2023
Jim Zirbel

Our own Jim Zirbel will present "Air Adventure in the Lagoon" A compelling story of the annual EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) in Oshkosh. It's the largest convention of it's type in the world. Jim is a pilot and has been building an airplane from scratch for the last 10 years. He is an expert on pontoon planes which bring us back to the title of his presentation "Adventure in the Lagoon". Do NOT miss this one.

Terry and Kathy Siebert

VACATION IF A LIFETIME.   Terry and Kathy Siebert spent the month of May in 2022 touring Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, Como and Milan Italy. The trip was rescheduled four times due to the pandemic but exceeded expectations in every way. Between the food, the sights and the discoveries you will wish you were with them. Don't miss it. 

Annual Winter/Spring Social Mar 24, 2023

Annual Winter/Spring Social at Holy Wisdom Monastery at 4200 Co Hwy M, Middleton, Wisconsin

Working Dogs and Their Unique Gift of Service Mar 31, 2023
Aaron Backer, Executive Director of WAGS
Working Dogs and Their Unique Gift of Service.   Aaron Backer (Executive Director of WAGS) will present this interesting talk about man's best friend.    Professionally trained dogs help children, youth, families and people with disabilities. Aaron also has served on the Dane County Youth Commission for 25 years. He will be bringing a dog with him. Program by Ed Fink.
President's Discretion Apr 07, 2023
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in club service project AND/OR cancel for TRICON Apr 28, 2023
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in club service project May 26, 2023
KEVIN HAYDEN Jun 02, 2023
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Goals alignmenet with PE - and install officers Jun 23, 2023
Cancel d/t golf outing and NoTara Jun 30, 2023
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