Speaker Date Topic
"Hearing Loss - The Silent Epidemic" Oct 07, 2022
Monique Hammond, hospital pharmacist

"Hearing Loss- The Silent Epidemic" Monique Hammond, a hospital pharmacist who lost her hearing in her left ear, wrote a book called "What Did You Say?" will discuss various aspects of hearing and the stresses that hearing loss creates. She also discusses on how to prevent hearing loss and better ways to cope with it.  She has spoken to over 240 Rotary Clubs and had 130 Zoom calls to clubs in the US, Canada, Australia, Scotland and the UK.  Many of us in our Rotary Club have hearing disabilities.  There will be time for lots of questions and good discussion. 

Program by Kathy Roberg.

Discussion of the Upcoming Referendum Oct 14, 2022
Dana Monogue, Superintendent of the Middleton School System

Our own Dana Monogue, Superintendent of the Middleton School System will discuss the upcoming referendum. This will be an on-site luncheon at the brand new Pope Elementary School, next door to the Pope Farm where we often picnic.

Program by Kathy Roberg.

President's Discretion Oct 21, 2022
Kathy Roberg
Anti-bulling From First Hand Experience Oct 28, 2022
Bev Davis

Bev Davis will attempt to present her program again which was cancelled on June10, Bev is an author, chaplain and anti-bulling expert has degrees in Master Divinity from McCormick Theological Seminary and is a certified Dementia Practitioner. She has spoken to audiences throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest about anti-bulling from first hand experience being bullied as a young person growing up in Chicago. Program by Jim Olmsted.

3 Speakers

GETTING TO KNOW YOU PROGRAM". This time Greg Armstrong, Mike Weakman and Rick Schaller will have 10 minutes each to give a short talk about themselves, their livelihood, their family and their hobbies. More "GETTING TO KNOW YOU" programs to follow.

Lussier Building Complex Community Philanthropy Nov 11, 2022
Diana Shinall, Lussier Building Complex Executive Director

Lunch will be served at Lussier Community Center at 555 Gammon Road, Madison, just north of Jefferson Middle School where Diana Shinall, executive director of the Lussier Building Complex, will be our orator.


Lussier Community Center has been an organization supported since the beginning by both Madison West Rotary and Madison West Town Middleton Rotary. Over the last 8 years we have made annual contributions to the Buffet Scholars program and for the last 4 years have made contributions to the K-12 after school program. In addition, we have annually made contributions to the Food Pantry in both cash and donated food items. We also contributed to their start up radio station. 

Program by John Gerold. 
Scholarships for Girl's Schools in Liberia Nov 18, 2022
Judy Reed & Jane Scharer, Founders of the Liberian Assistance Program

Judy Reed and Jane Scharer, founders of the (Liberian Assistance Program) in 2008 and have been chair and vice chair for all these years. They have spoken to the Madison West Rotary a number of times will bring us up to date for our NEW Madison West Middleton Rotary Club which provides scholarships for girls at the Obama School in Liberia.

Program by Peter Overton.

NO MEETING Nov 25, 2022
Thanksgiving Weekend
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TBA Dec 09, 2022
TBA Dec 16, 2022
NO MEETING Dec 23, 2022
Christmas Holiday
NO MEETING Dec 30, 2022
New Years Eve Weekend