Community Health Worker Report
2022 Madison West Towne Middleton Rotary Grant
Black women and families continue to be disproportionately impacted by the global pandemic. While many in our community are shifting into their new normal, the pandemic continues to exacerbate the pre-existing economic and social inequities and struggles Black women and families face in meeting basic needs. Community Health Workers are the Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness’ (FFBWW) front line workers serving as advocates and liaisons in securing vital health and community resources for the women and families we serve. Those in need request assistance through an online form or intake meeting with a FFBWW Community Health Worker (CHW). The CHW assesses the need and supports managing the crisis by leveraging internal and community resources.
The Madison West Towne-Middleton Rotary in collaboration with the District Rotary 6250 provided funds to train and certify The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness Community Health Workers (from right to left Brandice, Nicki, Tisha). Since their certification, they have been busy supporting over 100 Black Women and families in Dane County with just-in-time emergency funding and navigation services for housing, food, transportation, or childcare crises. Assistance fell primarily into four social determinants of health (SDoH) categories; housing instability, utilities, transportation and food insecurity - outcomes of economic insecurity for our most vulnerable families here in Dane County. The average amount of financial assistance provided families was $720, representing approximately 50% of one month’s gross salary for the majority of the families we served. Households making less than $13,590 a year represented half of the clients we served, the majority were between the ages of 25-34 years of age, and supported households with 2 or more children.
The families we served were grateful for the assistance provided through our Community Health Workers:
“I have enjoyed my time working with the FFBWW CHW who supported my daughter and I. My CHW went above and beyond securing resources that met my family’s needs.” - BH
“The FFBWW helped me in so many ways. I am grateful for my CHW who helped me avoid eviction and transportation loss. I am truly blessed that I have a place to call for support, resources, education and motivation.” - AL
“I am beyond grateful for the CHW at the FFBWW! The CHW helped me and my family secure stable housing and advocated for me during a tough financial time in my family’s life.” JSH
We could not support families without the generous contributions from funders like you! Thanks to your training dollars, the Community Health Workers (CHW) have made an immediate positive impact in our community, filling gaps in services for Black Women and families in Dane County. In our next year we are looking to move more Black Women and families from surviving to thriving, and to maintain housing and food security while working on long term goals to avoid future crises. To accomplish this we have determined two areas of need:
  • Motivational Interviewing training funding - to distinguish signs of readiness in clients and to cultivate change talk. The University of Wisconsin-Madison Continuing Ed offers a 20 hour course. Total cost for our 3 Community Health Workers - $2100
  • Emergency Assistance funding - Each year, the Foundation deploys nearly $25,000 in limited emergency funds to hundreds of local Black Women and families facing eviction, food, and financial crises–while partnering with other agencies to meet their complex needs - Any contribution of money, gas cards or grocery cards.
Thank you for your generosity! We have appreciated our partnership, please consider continuing to support our Community Health Workers obtain the skills, training and resources they need to most effectively support Black Women and Families in Dane County!