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Greetings all,
The Board of Directors of Rotary International, the General Secretary acting on its behalf, in accordance with section 2.060. of the RI Bylaws, approves the merger of
the Rotary Club of Madison West, Wisconsin, USA and
the Rotary Club of Madison West Towne-Middleton, Wisconsin, USA 
effective 30 June 2022.
August 5, 2022, members of Rotary Club of Madison West Middleton admiring the oak planted by Paul Harris in 1933, in the University of Wisconsin Arboretum
RI weighed in on the official name.
Here it is
The merged club’s name shall be the 
Rotary Club of Madison West Middleton, Wisconsin, USA, ...
its charter date will be recognized as 
1 September 1971, and its Club ID is 2700.
For your records, I’ve attached the approved application and membership list.
Please take note of the following information regarding the status of Rotary Foundation recognition points post-merger:
  • For individuals, the Paul Harris Fellow points follow the individual to the merged club.
  • For clubs, the Paul Harris Fellow points will remain in the name of the old club until they are used. When the merged club wants to use the points of the former club, they should contact Rotary Foundation staff (+1.866.976.8279 or with the name and club number of the former club. TRF staff will locate the points and apply them as requested. For future reference, the recognized name and club numbers for the former club is listed below:
    • Rotary Club of Madison West, WI, USA [2699]
  • It is recommended that you (the merged club) use the previously accrued points credited to each former club sooner rather than later, however as long as you can provide the name and number of the former club, access to those points will not be lost.
  • Please contact the Rotary Support Center with any specific questions you may have regarding Rotary Foundation recognition points: +1.866.976.8279 or
Please also note that on the date of your merger, some online tools (like Rotary Club Central) may need an additional 24 hours to reflect the updates and might also require you to log off and back on to your account before navigating to those tools. Additionally, some reports have varying refresh schedules and it may take 2-3 business days before they collectively catch up to this change.
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