Posted by Jack Ferreri on Dec 29, 2022
The holiday upon with a weathery vengeance. I hope you all can spend some genial holiday time with those you love.
Let me remind you about the GIVE project ... perhaps the largest and most important project this Club has taken on in its history. Recall that we're earmarking $50,000-80,000 from our Foundation's holdings to be distributed to causes that YOU, the membership, want to support. I presented the program for the Committee several weeks ago and sent out supporting paperwork the next day. I've attached it again to this email. GIVE is meant to mark our Fiftieth Anniversary as a Club and to represent a special outreach on our part to a community that still recovering from the effects of COVID and the economy.
Your first step is simple. Fill out a one-page form outlining why you think some of those funds should go to a cause that means something to you. Look at the form and you'll see you don't need a lot of detail at this stage.
The GIVE Committee will review those initial submissions along with the Board, and those causes selected will go on to a next step, where we'll require a bit more detail. The handouts give you all the information you need. We've already received a number of submissions. You have until January 6 to send them to me at Please include GIVE in all caps in the subject line.
The members of the GIVE Committee are Ferreri, Fink, Feldt, Gerold, Overton, and Hayden. You can call/email any of us with questions.  
Can't think of a cause? Then talk to Rotary buddies for ideas. Or take a look at this list and see what raises your pulse.
  • Winter clothing
  • Interview clothing
  • Food needs (pantries?)
  • Hot meals
  • Housing needs
  • Healthcare needs
  • Vision needs
  • Elderly needs
  • School needs
  • EMS needs
  • Immigrant needs
  • Language needs
  • Literacy network
  • Library needs 
  • Daycare centers
  • madison
  • Environmental … water, nature trails
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Disability rights
  • Blindness and other impairments
  • Veterans 
  • Autism
  • Rape/pregnancy crisis
  • Runaways
  • Domestic abuse 
  • Urban League
  • Goodman Community Center
  • Centro Hispanics and other ethnic organizations
  • Habitat for humanity
  • Adoption help
Doubtless I've left many important causes off this list. Feel free to expand your thinking.
Enjoy the holidays. And think GIVE!