Feedback from numerous Rotary surveys and focus groups has repeatedly shown that prospective members and current younger Rotarians require flexibility in their Rotary Club membership. This program is structured to research alternatives and the resulting impact on membership trends and our club’s overall effectiveness.
The Business/Corporate Membership Program will allow a business or other organization to become a member of the Rotary Club Of Madison West Towne-Middleton (hereafter, “Club”), through an established membership approval process, and to appoint up to three (one Primary Member and up to two Designee Members) as the individuals attending Club meetings, serving on committees, voting on club matters and serving as club officers (Primary Member solely). 


A business membership category will increase our Club’s ability to attract and retain a qualified and diverse professional base within the community. It allows for flexibility and recognizes the tremendous mobility that is the norm within the current business environment.


After initial approval by the Club’s Board of Directors, the Business / Corporate Membership Program will become a permanent part of the Club’s procedures for membership.