Jerry bikes a lot … on average, more than 3000 miles per year. He has biked across the country, the northern half of the Mississippi River, throughout most of the states of the Midwest, in Ireland and Switzerland and back and forth to work about 9 months of every year. He has been a biking “enthusiast” since the early 1970s.
McAdow's Miles for Rotary Team
For years, led on by the powerful calves of Jerry McAdow, several riders have been bicycling together on Saturday mornings for exercise, for companionship, and for the sense of adventure. We’ve asked Club members to support our efforts by pledging dollars to our Club’s Foundation. It’s an important Club fundraiser. We are asking for pledges in the amount of $50, $100, or $250. This is your chance to give a boost to the Foundation’s coffers. We’re gonna ride no matter what!
Contact person for this event is Paul Patenaude (
Please take a look into your wallets and see what you can contribute to help support this event and our Club in general.
Riders generally include Jerry McAdow, Leo Edelstein, John Olsen, Paul Patenaude, Peter Hoff, Mary Ruth Marks, and Jack Ferreri. We’d love to have more members join us, even occasionally. If you want to be included on our Team emails, send me an email. We hope to lay out routes and timing each week in advance of the Saturday ride date. Paul and Peter are planning routes right now. You don’t have to be at a Tour de France level – some rides are simple, some more challenging. We wait for people who fall behind. We’ll provide regular updates on how we’re doing in the Bulletin.

Want to have a little fun?  

Get a little exercise?

Do a little good in the world?    

Ride your bike?


McAdow’s Miles for Rotary Team 

We meet Saturday mornings weather permitting, for group rides. But you don’t have to ride with the team. Just keep a tally of your miles so we can add them to the group tally.

Interested? Contact one of these guys.

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Leo Edelstein -

John Olsen -

Paul Patenaude -